miOS HaimawanThe latest version of miOS Haimawan app store is supported by iOS 10, 10.0.2, 10.1, 9.3.5 and later. If you are sick of apple charging you so much for simple apps and are looking for an alternative to the official apple app store then look no further and download miOS Haimawan app store right now!

Haimawan is a third party app store for iOS devices which you can use on any iOS device top download apps. Haimawan has plenty of great features that help you download your desired apps and the best part about this third party app store is that all the apps and games on this app store are available for absolutely free!

You can now be sure of the fact that it will support your iOS device easily. You do not even need a jail broken iOS device in order to download and install Haimawan iOS app store, there are different versions available for respective configurations of your iOS smart phone or tablet.

If you are fan of hacked apps and games then more good news, Haimawan hosts one of the biggest collections of hacked apps and games. You can find almost all tweaked and modified versions of popular apps and games such as snapchat and Pokemon GO. You can also use this app store as an entertainment hub where you can download movies, TV shows, ringtones and much more. You can even download free eBooks and comics.

Right now the miOS Haimawan app store is only available in Chinese language but you can use any translator tool to understand what the options in the app store mean and navigate your way through it. The English version of Haimawan app store is expected to be released soon so keep visiting our page to get the update as soon as it is released.

Download miOS Haimawan for iOS

  1. Download miOS Haimawan
  2. Tap on “Install“ twice, fill in your password if required.
    miOS Haimawan Screenshot
  3. Tap “Done”
  4. Open Haimawan iOS app store from app home screen
  5. Use Google translator to decipher the options in the app store and download unlimited apps!